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About Construction of house       

   A little about the construction details of A Mermaid's Sand Castle. I was a Florida State licensed Contractor , working in the Florida Key's for most of my life, building single family homes. My specialty was concrete "hurricane proof houses". This house from top to bottom was enginered for 175 MPH wind loads. The main house is foam block with a 7" solid concrete core. This gives you 2" of dense foam with a poured 7"solid  concrete core and then another 2" of dense foam on the inside. This is then covered with concrete board both inside and out, no dry wall. This makes for a weather proof super insulated house, " A kind of giant thermos bottle".All walls and floor slabs were made with 5,000 PSI concrete with fiberglass added and all rebar was Hot dip galvanized. No beach sand, no small steel= no rust later. Where possible all fasteners, nails, screws, nuts,and bolts are stainless steel. All framing lumber inside and out, including plywood is pressure treated, and all decking is Ipe, all plywood was glued and then screwed not nailed.  All windows and doors are Andersen and tinted with high performance sun. All windows and doors have shutters in case of storm.

   The house is built on two of the highest lots in Greenwood subdivision, 160 feet of beach front and 190 feet of depth, so even though it is on the beach it has a ground elevation of almost 30 feet above sea level. The roof material is standing seam aluminum mechanical crimped, STRONG. This is the number one roof in the Florida Key's now. All interior doors are mahogany and frames are Ipe.

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